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Welcome to Japan and welcome to the Shin Creative web site! We are the premier real estate company for people who come from overseas.
We offer you a lot of good real estate information,as well as other helpful advice to make your life in Japan more comfortable. Feel free to contact us. We can speak English. It is no problem if you don’t have a Japanese guarantor, we can introduce you to a guarantor company who would be happy to help you. Now that you’re in Japan,it’s a great chance for you to immerse yourself in real Japanese life. It would be our pleasure to help you in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to drop by our office.
  • Guarantor unnecessary
    That get a cosigner when you rent a room usually will be required in Japan. It has established a system of joint and several guarantors required to live in foreigners who in peace Shin Creative.
  • Correspondence in English
    So are available to you in English available staff in the Shin Creative, you can proceed with the contract smoothly. In addition, please be assured that I hear the consultation of trouble and support you after moving.
  • Experience Japanese culture
    We offer you the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture. Our president is a member of the Matsuri Bayashi club which is a kind of traditional Japanese music band.

Japanese Real Estate System

  • Key Money
    It’s customary in Japan to pay a sum of money, usually equivalent to 1-2 months rent, to the landlord upon signing the lease. Key money is not refunded. Finding an apartment where key money is not required is often very difficult and such apartments are generally older and more expensive per month. In my experience, if you’re planning to stay in Japan more than a year it’s more economical to pay the upfront key money and deposit cost.
  • Deposit
    Like key money, this is an initial payment of 1-3 months rent in advance. However, the deposit is partially refunded upon termination of the lease. Please be aware that it is not 100% refundable as a cleaning charge and any other costs deemed necessary will be deducted from this amount. Depending on length of stay, you can expect at least 50% back in most cases.
  • Agent fee
    This amount is equivalent to 1 months rent and is payable upon signing the lease.
  • Guarantor
    Most landlords require a guarantor, a Japanese citizen with a secure financial background who satisfies the applicable criteria, who will be responsible for any outstanding payment owing to the landlord by the tenant. Non-Japanese people may find this requirement particularly difficult to meet. However, there are guarantor companies that can act as guarantor for a fee (usually 1 months rent), and we can help you get in contact with one of those companies.
  • Directly managed apartments
    Shin Creative has a number of directly managed apartments. That is, apartments where we are the sole agent. You can check the availability of our apartments on this website. I’d like to point out that it’s often the case that we will need to confer with another agent before we can proceed with an application to lease an apartment. Unfortunately, some other agents are not as accommodating to non-Japanese prospective tenants and it may be beyond our control whether or not an application can be made. Japanese-speaking ability, even a little, can greatly improve the chances of your application being accepted.
  • Furnished apartments
    Unlike many other countries, Japanese apartments are rarely furnished. This is an important factor to consider.
I hope the above information will be of assistance to you. If you have any queries, please feel free to e-mail me and I’ll endeavor to answer your questions. Thank you again for visiting the Shin Creative website and I look forward to helping find a suitable apartment for you.

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